Monday, October 29, 2012

1208.2779 (Agnieszka Werpachowska et al.)

Comment on "Excitons in Molecular Aggregates with Levy Disorder:
Anomalous Localization and Exchange Broadening of Optical Spectra"

Agnieszka Werpachowska, Alexandra Olaya-Castro

1210.6977 (Peter G. Morrison)

Time Dependent Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Peter G. Morrison

1210.7011 (A. D. Córcoles et al.)

Process verification of two-qubit quantum gates by randomized

A. D. Córcoles, Jay M. Gambetta, Jerry M. Chow, John A. Smolin, M. Steffen

1210.7051 (Geva Arwas et al.)

Coherent transport through a quantum shuttle    [PDF]

Geva Arwas, Dotan Davidovich, Doron Cohen

1210.7077 (Yu-Bo Sheng et al.)

Multipartite entanglement purification for three-level trapped atom

Yu-Bo Sheng, Jiong Liu, Sheng-Yang Zhao

1210.7117 (Christian B. Mendl et al.)

Towards the Kantorovich dual solution for strictly correlated electrons
in atoms and molecules

Christian B. Mendl, Lin Lin

1210.7127 (Claudio Altafini et al.)

Modeling and Control of Quantum Systems: An Introduction    [PDF]

Claudio Altafini, Francesco Ticozzi

1210.7162 (Emma Wikberg)

Nontrivial ground-state degeneracies and generalized fractional
excitations in the 1D lattice

Emma Wikberg

1210.7216 (Fabio Benatti et al.)

Noise effects in perfect routing of quantum states    [PDF]

Fabio Benatti, Roberto Floreanini, Vahid Karimipour