Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1106.2911 (Stephan Hoyer et al.)

Spatial propagation of excitonic coherence enables ratcheted energy

Stephan Hoyer, Akihito Ishizaki, K. Birgitta Whaley

1106.5754 (S. D. Jenkins et al.)

Cooperative resonance linewidth narrowing in a planar metamaterial    [PDF]

S. D. Jenkins, J. Ruostekoski

1110.6379 (Viktoras Pyragas et al.)

Stability of linear and non-linear lambda and tripod systems in the
presence of amplitude damping

Viktoras Pyragas, Gediminas Juzeliunas

1209.3685 (Bruno Cocciaro)

Riserratevi sotto coverta ...    [PDF]

Bruno Cocciaro

1209.3302 (M. Bordag et al.)

Thermal Casimir effect in the interaction of graphene with dielectrics
and metals

M. Bordag, G. L. Klimchitskaya, V. M. Mostepanenko

1209.3304 (Brian Swingle)

Constructing holographic spacetimes using entanglement renormalization    [PDF]

Brian Swingle

1209.3317 (Tilman Enss)

Shear viscosity and spin sum rules in strongly interacting Fermi gases    [PDF]

Tilman Enss

1209.3343 (Frederick W. Cummings et al.)

Quantum Theory of a Steady State Laser    [PDF]

Frederick W. Cummings, Michael T. Tavis

1209.3354 (Muhammad Asjad)

Cavity Optomechanics with a Bose-Einstein Condensate: Normal Mode

Muhammad Asjad

1209.3365 (Zhi-Hui Wang et al.)

Spin decoherence and electron spin bath noise of a nitrogen-vacancy
center in diamond

Zhi-Hui Wang, Susumu Takahashi

1209.3375 (Cédric Simenel)

Nuclear Quantum Many-Body Dynamics: From Collective Vibrations to
Heavy-Ion Collisions

Cédric Simenel

1209.3376 (Peng Xue et al.)

Controlling and reversing the quantum-to-classical transition of a
quantum walk by driving the coin

Peng Xue, Barry C. Sanders

1209.3407 (X. Shi et al.)

Quantum computation with surface-state electrons by rapid population

X. Shi, L. F. Wei, C. H. Oh

1209.3413 (Giulio Guzzinati et al.)

Observation of the Gouy and Larmor rotations in electron vortex beams    [PDF]

Giulio Guzzinati, Peter Schattschneider, Konstantin Bliokh, Franco Nori, Jo Verbeeck

1209.3430 (E. N. Dzhafarov et al.)

All-Possible-Couplings Approach to Measuring Probabilistic Context    [PDF]

E. N. Dzhafarov, J. V. Kujala

1209.3445 (Jon Geist)

Excited-state decay in strictly Everett-like interpretations of quantum

Jon Geist

1209.3461 (Jason Doukas et al.)

Entanglement and discord: accelerated observations of local and global

Jason Doukas, Eric G. Brown, Andrzej Dragan, Robert Mann

1209.3463 (Masahito Hayashi)

Fourier Analytic Approach to Quantum Estimation of Group Action    [PDF]

Masahito Hayashi

1209.3465 (Marek Czachor)

Regularization just by quantization -- a new approach to the old problem
of infinities in quantum field theory (Draft of lecture notes - Part 1)

Marek Czachor

1209.3490 (Subhadipa Das et al.)

Hardy's nonlocality argument as witness for post-quantum correlation    [PDF]

Subhadipa Das, Manik Banik, Ashutosh Rai, MD Rajjak Gazi, Samir Kunkri

1209.3494 (Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay et al.)

Optimal fidelity for a quantum channel may be attained by non-maximally
entangled states

Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay, Anindita Ghosh

1209.3500 (Masayuki Ohzeki et al.)

Duality analysis on random planar lattice    [PDF]

Masayuki Ohzeki, Keisuke Fujii

1209.3506 (C. M. Granados-Castro et al.)

Time-resolved resonant photoionization of He using a time-dependent
Feshbach method with ultrashort laser pulses

C. M. Granados-Castro, J. L. Sanz-Vicario

1209.3539 (Austin G. Fowler)

Accurate simulations of planar topological codes cannot use cyclic

Austin G. Fowler

1209.3545 (Lan Zhou et al.)

Efficient multipartite entanglement concentration of electron-spin state
with charge detection

Lan Zhou, Jiong Liu, Sheng-Yang Zhao

1209.3547 (Dominic W. Berry et al.)

Optimal Heisenberg-style bounds for the average performance of arbitrary
phase estimates

Dominic W. Berry, Michael J. W. Hall, Marcin Zwierz, Howard M. Wiseman

1209.3604 (Peng Li et al.)

Analytical Solution of Cross Polarization Dynamics    [PDF]

Peng Li, Qun Chen, Shanmin Zhang

1209.3610 (Malte Christopher Tichy et al.)

Signatures of compositeness in many-boson interference    [PDF]

Malte Christopher Tichy, Peter Alexander Bouvrie, Klaus Mølmer

1209.3626 (S. Gasparinetti et al.)

Coherent Cooper-pair pumping by magnetic flux control    [PDF]

S. Gasparinetti, I. Kamleitner

1209.3632 (John C. Baez et al.)

A Course on Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics    [PDF]

John C. Baez, Jacob Biamonte

1209.3645 (Vahid Azimi Mousolou et al.)

Universal Non-adiabatic Holonomic Gates in Quantum Dots and
Single-Molecule Magnets

Vahid Azimi Mousolou, Carlo M. Canali, Erik Sjöqvist

1209.3652 (Edward B. Flagg et al.)

Dynamics of the non-classical light from a single solid-state quantum

Edward B. Flagg, Sergey V. Polyakov, Tim Thomay, Glenn S. Solomon

1209.3655 (J. Salmilehto et al.)

Quantum effect of inductance on geometric Cooper pair transport    [PDF]

J. Salmilehto, M. Möttönen

1209.3675 (V. Jaksic et al.)

Entropic fluctuations in XY chains and reflectionless Jacobi matrices    [PDF]

V. Jaksic, B. Landon, C. -A. Pillet

1209.3683 (Hari Prakash et al.)

Quantum Discord Dynamics for Two-Level Atom Initially in Thermal
Equilibrium Interacting with n-Photon State

Hari Prakash, Manoj K. Mishra

1209.3697 (Mauritz van den Worm et al.)

Relaxation timescales and decay of correlations in a long-range
interacting quantum simulator

Mauritz van den Worm, Rytis Paškauskas, Brian C. Sawyer, John J. Bollinger, Michael Kastner

1209.3698 (Stefano De Leo et al.)

Relative helicity phases in planar Dirac scattering    [PDF]

Stefano De Leo, Pietro Rotelli

1209.3705 (Mikhail Fedorov)

Biphoton ququarts as either pure or mixed states, features and
reconstruction from coincidence measurements

Mikhail Fedorov

1209.3706 (Manoj K. Mishra et al.)

Quantum Discord and Entanglement of Quasi-Werner States based on
Entangled Coherent States

Manoj K. Mishra, Ajay K. Maurya, Hari Prakash

1209.3745 (A. Grudka et al.)

Measures of contextuality    [PDF]

A. Grudka, K. Horodecki, M. Horodecki, P. Horodecki, R. Horodecki, P. Joshi, W. Kłobus, A. Wójcik

1209.3754 (B. J. Lawrie et al.)

Extraordinary optical transmission of multimode quantum correlations via
localized surface plasmons

B. J. Lawrie, P. G. Evans, R. C. Pooser